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1 February, 2007

Rudite Vidusa will temporarily replace the judge during her temporary absence

Starting from February 1, the duties of the senator of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court will be fulfilled by the judge Rudite Vidusa of the Administrative Regional Court, temporarily replacing the judge Gunta Visnakova during her temporary absence.
31 January, 2007

Augstākās tiesas Komunikācijas nodaļu vadīs Rasma Zvejniece

30. janvārī Augstākās tiesas Komunikācijas nodaļas vadītājas amatā darbu sākusi Rasma Zvejniece.
30 January, 2007

The acquaintance of the organizational management of courts of Spain

A Supreme Court delegation visited Spain from 22nd to 26th of January, as a part of a of project aimed at „Strengthening of administrative capacity of the Supreme Court for creating an effective system of docketing, record-keeping and personnel management". They visited many courts and judicial authorities.
19 January, 2007

Plenary Session of the Supreme Court confirms Skaidrite Lodzina in the position of the senator of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate

On Friday, January 19, the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court by unanimous voting confirmed in the position a new senator of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate. The nomination of Skaidrite Lodzina who till this time worked in the Chamber of Civil Cases was acknowledged as the most suitable to the vacant position by senators of the Department of Civil Cases in their joint session.
17 January, 2007

Plenary Session of the Supreme Court will decide on confirmation of a senator of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate in the position

On Friday, January 19, judges of the Supreme Court will gather in Hall 146 to the Plenary Session to confirm in the position a new senator of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate, as Imants Fridrihsons has left his position in the Supreme Court due to reaching the maximum age limit for fulfilling duties of a judge.
4 January, 2007

New advocates and law enforcement officer tendered and oath to the Chief Justice

On May 4, 2007 29 young lawyers were taking an oath to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Andris Gulans, to become lawful representatives of the judiciary.
28 December, 2006

Anita Cernavska becomes a judge of the Supreme Court

On December 28, 2006 a plenary session of the Supreme Court confirmed Anita Čerņavska as a judge of the Chamber of Civil Cases.
28 December, 2006

Ingrida Labucka meeting Supreme Court judges and employees

On December 19, 2006 Judge of the Court of First Instance of European Community (EC) Ingrida Labucka was visiting Supreme Court and discussed and compared different category cases in Latvia and other European Union (EU) member states. At the beginning of the discussion she stressed that with every year the similarities between the Court of First Instance and national courts increase. For example, Administrative Department of Senate is already using the jurisprudence of the First Instance Court and that is one of the reasons why we need that kind exchange of experience.
22 December, 2006

Kopsēdē apspriež apkopojumu civillietās par servitūtu tiesībām

Augstākās tiesas Senāta Civillietu departamenta un Civillietu tiesu palātas tiesneši 22. decembrī kopsēdē apsprieda tiesu prakses apkopojumu lietās par servitūtu tiesībām, kuru sagatavojusi tiesas Judikatūras nodaļa. Kopsēdes lēmumā norādīts, ka tiesneši apstiprina tiesu prakses apkopojumā izdarītos secinājumus likuma piemērošanas jautājumos servitūtu tiesībās un ar tām saistītajās tiesiskajās attiecībās. Tiesneši arī iesaka apkopojuma secinājumus izmantot tiesu praksē, izskatot strīdus tiesās, kas rodas jautājumos par servitūtu nodibināšanu un servitūtu tiesību izmantošanu.
11 December, 2006

Apkopo tiesu praksi par iestādes faktiskās rīcības jēdzienu

Augstākās tiesas Senāta Administratīvo lietu departaments un tiesas Judikatūras nodaļa sagatavojusi tiesu prakses apkopojumu administratīvajās tiesībās „Faktiskās rīcības jēdziens – pazīmes un to interpretācija”. Tajā apskatītas vairākas iestādes faktiskās rīcības pazīmes, analizētas tās un apkopojuma beigās secinājumos apkopotas galvenās tēzes.