On October 26, young judges and prosecutors from Latvia and other European Union (EU) states – Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Sweden, and Poland – visited the Supreme Court.

This week, the International Training Program for young judges and prosecutors “AIAKOS” implemented by the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) is taking place throughout Europe. The Latvian Judicial Training Centre is organizing this program for the first time in Latvia and accepting 19 participants from 9 different EU countries. During the study week, participants learn about their colleagues' judicial systems, discuss the role of the judge and prosecutor in the society, discuss the impact of the media in a state governed by the rule of law, and establish professional links for their future careers. For training purposes, the participants also visit the workplaces of Latvian colleagues – courts and at the prosecutor's office. The aim of the program is to recognize that every new professional of every EU state is also a European judge or prosecutor.

In the framework of the programme, the visit was also organized to the highest court instance – the Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia. The guests met with Anita Zikmane, the Head of the Division of Case law and Research. They were introduced with the structure and work of the judicial system and the Supreme Court of Latvia, as well as with work of its departments and divisions. Participants were particularly interested in issues such as the role of the Supreme Court in the Latvian judicial system, the role of case law in Latvia, the significance and application of international law and rulings of the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights in Latvia.

The visitors of the Court also gained insight into the history of the judicial system and the Supreme Court, visited its museum, the Great Court Hall, the historic Senate Hall and the sculpture "Justice".


Information prepared by:
Iveta Jaudzema, International Cooperation Specialist of the Supreme Court
Telephone: +371 67020396, e-mail: iveta.jaudzema@at.gov.lv