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The 25th of November, 2011



Decision No 55 of the Board of Justice of the 27th of September, 2011 “On convocation of the Judicial Conference

Agenda of the conference

On issues discussed and decided at the Judicial Conference

1)      Necessity to speed up course of proceedings is stressed at the Judicial Conference

2)      First year of operation of the Board of Justice is appreciated at the Judicial Conference

3)      The Judicial Conference elects representatives of institutions of judicial self-government

Materials of the Judicial Conference

1)      Enunciation of the President of the State Andris Berzins (in Latvian) 

2)      Report of Ivars Bickovics, the Chair of the Board of Justice, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (in Latvian)  

3)      Report of Visvaldis Sprudzans, the Chair of the Commission on Judicial Ethics 

4)      The Supreme Court Bulletin

The 25th of November, 2011