This year, the Supreme Court also supports Shadow Day – career education event for pupils, which is popular all over the world, inviting pupils of secondary schools to be “shadows” in the Supreme Court on 11 February.

By providing an opportunity to look into daily routine of judges and employees of the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court helps to expand pupils’ horizon and understanding about knowledge and skills, which are necessary in their future profession.  

Pupils of secondary schools, whose substantiations will contain true interest to relate their future with profession of a lawyer and a judge, will be invited to become “shadows” of judges, assistants to judges and court secretaries of the Supreme Court.

Pupils, who wish to be “shadows” of the Supreme Court, have to apply on the web site www.enudiena.lvuntil 4 February.

Having assessed motivation of application submitted, the Supreme Court will contact those pupils, who will be invited to become shadows of judges, assistants to judges, court secretaries and employees of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court this year.  

Information prepared by Baiba Kataja, the Press secretary of the Supreme Court
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