On Monday, November 14, the Plenary Session or the General Meeting of Judges of the Supreme Court nominated Janis Neimanis, Judge of the Department of Administrative Cases, for position of Judge of the Constitutional Court.

In secret ballot 17 out of 33 Supreme Court judges with voting rights voted for Janis Neimanis, 14 judges voted for Rudite Vidusa, Judge of the Department of Administrative Cases, 2 judges abstained.

Janis Neimanis based his candidacy on the interest in law enforcement issues and evaluation of the constitutionality of the legislation. As his contribution to the work of the Constitutional Court candidate mentioned a formation of dialogue between the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court and other courts, as well as effective support of judges by submission of an application to the Constitutional Court.

A need for tolerant dialogue among courts was also emphasized by other candidate Rudite Vidusa who was valued as equal candidate for position of the Constitutional Court judge. Nevertheless the Plenary Session had to nominate one candidate to be agreed on with the Council for the Judiciary and nominated for voting in the Saeima (Parliament).

Janis Neimanis, Doctor of the Science of Law, was appointed as judge of the Supreme Court in 2007. Currently he combines a work of judge of the Department of the Administrative Cases with a position of associate professor in the Faculty of Law in the University of Latvia.

Vacancy in the Constitutional Court occurred since the mandatory period of Juris Kinis, Judge of the Constitutional Court, ends on 4 January 2017.  10 years ago Juris Kinis was appointed for the position by Saeima based on the proposal of the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court. According to the Constitutional Court Law, Saeima appoints new judge based on the proposal of the same institution that nominated the previous candidate for the position.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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