On 11 May, the Disciplinary Court, having assessed lawfulness of two decisions by the Judicial Disciplinary Committee, which were appealed against by the judge of city court, abolished one of these decision and dismissed disciplinary case regarding disciplinary punishment – reproof – which was imposed previously. In  the second case, the Disciplinary Court upheld decision of the Judicial Disciplinary Committee, which initiated to remove a judge from the office, and rejected judge’s complaint.    

In one case the judge was subjected to disciplinary liability for intentional violation of law, in the second disciplinary case – for intentional violation of law and non-execution of work duties.

Decisions of the Disciplinary Court may not be appealed.

Complete decisions of the Disciplinary Court will be available on 10 June, and then they will also b published on the website of the Supreme Court.

The Disciplinary Court is convened in the Supreme Court to assess lawfulness of disputed decisions by the Judicial Disciplinary Committee, to examine lawfulness of negative statements provided by the Judicial Qualification Committee, and to review contested decisions by the Prosecutor General on application of disciplinary punishment. The composition of the Disciplinary Court includes six judges of departments of the Supreme Court.


Information prepared by

Baiba Kataja, the Press secretary of the Supreme Court

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