The Disciplinary Court amended decision of the Judicial Disciplinary Committee to propose dismissal of a judge, who reviewed and rendered rulings in written procedure in several civil cases, when preparing short judgement in a criminal case, from the office. The Disciplinary Court imposed a disciplinary punishment – reprimand – on a judge.

The Minister of Justice, when initiating a disciplinary case, pointed out that the judge admitted significant violation of legal norms – when preparing a judgement, she violated secret of deliberation of a court, which pursuant to Clause 7 Paragraph One Section 575 of the Criminal Procedure Law caused complete abolishment of a judgement.  The judge appealed against the decision of the Judicial Disciplinary Committee to dismiss a judge from the office for this violation to the Disciplinary Court.  

To assess lawfulness of the decision of the Judicial Disciplinary Committee appealed by a judge, the Disciplinary Court was convened in the Supreme Court on 19 January. Composition of the Disciplinary Court includes six judges of departments of the Supreme Court.

The decision of the Disciplinary Court may not be appealed. Complete decision will be available on February 27, when it will also be published on the web site of the Supreme Court.



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