On Thursday, 14 April, the Department of Civil Cass of the Supreme Court welcomed guests from the District court of Frederiksberg, Denmark. 

Last year, when participating in Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration, representatives of the Department of Civil Cases went on a trip to exchange experience in Denmark, and visited several courts, including the District court of Frederiksberg, which is the court of the first instance.  Now the delegation of this court under guidance of Torben Goldin, the President of the court, was looking for exchange of experience in Latvia and Estonia. The delegation consisted of judges, assistants to judges and Heads of different departments of the court.  

Representatives of the Department of Civil Cases told the guests about Latvian court system, functions and structure of the Supreme Court, and other professional issues. Danish colleagues were interested in hearing about court reform being implemented in Latvia, which is related to transfer to so called clear court instances, and mechanisms of trying to accelerate circulation of court cases in Latvia.  

In Denmark, the court system has much more older and stable traditions, which developed in centuries. As guests shared their experience – the selection of cases to be tried in the appellate and cassation instance has been organised in accordance with the old procedure, namely, that this action is performed by the special Board.  Many other issues, where Latvia has been yet looking for solutions, do not cause discussions in Denmark as well.  

During continuation of the visit, in the museum of the Supreme Court, when learning about history of Latvian courts, Danish colleagues were particularly interested in transition of Latvian courts from the period of Soviet occupation to democratic court system of the restored Republic of Latvia.  

Danish delegation was greeted in the Supreme Court by Edite Vernusa, the Chair of the Department, and colleagues were welcomed by the judges Zane Petersone and Marika Senkane, and assistants to judges, who visited Denmark.



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