On December 29, 2003, a Plenary Session of the Supreme Court created the Department of Administrative Cases. Edite Vernusa and Valerijans Jonikans were confirmed as its first Senators. Ms. Vernusa and Mr. Jonikans, formerly justices of the Chamber of Civil Cases, already commenced their duties on January 5, 2004, in order to prepare for the review cases when the Code of Administrative Procedure becomes effective on February 1, 2004. Senator Ilgars Zigfrids Septeris and Senator Ojars Druks-Jaunzemins will replace them as justices on the Chamber of Civil Cases.

At the Plenary Session, the justices also amended the rules of the internal regulations, in response to amendments to the Law on Judicial Power and the Law on the Satversmes (Constitutional) Court. As a result of the amendments, the Plenary Session no longer has the power to issue binding interpretations of laws. At the Plenary Session, the justices may continue to discuss issues related to interpretation of laws and regulations that are of current interest. The amendments also provide that the Plenary Session no longer has the right to submit requests for review to the Satversmes (Constitutional) Court as such rights have been awarded to courts of all levels.

Senator Valda Eilande of the Department of Criminal Cases was elected secretary of the Plenary Session for another three-year term. After the Plenary Session, the new Supreme Court website was presented. The website was launched on December 19, 2003.