Tuesday, 11 October, Members of the Student Association of the Faculty of Law from the Turku city Åbo Akademi University in Finland attended Supreme Court to get introduced to the Latvian judicial system, work and functions of the Supreme Court. Adviser of the Case-law and Research Division Reinis Markvarts told guests about competence of the Supreme Court and Latvian legal system in general. Head of the Division Anita Zikmane introduced students to the cases recently reviewed in the Court of Justice of the European Union accordingly to the prejudicial decisions issued by the Supreme Court. Students wanted to know what education and skills are needed to become a justice in Latvia. Also guests wanted to find out how valuable are studies or internship in international universities.

Guests concluded the visit with the excursion in the Court of Justice, court hall and Supreme Court museum.

Students planned their visit already from summer and during the three days they have to get introduced to Latvia and its judicial system, visit also the Riga School of Law and Finnish Embassy.

Information prepared by Baiba Kataja, the Press secretary of the Supreme Court
Phone: 67020396; e-mail: baiba.kataja@at.gov.lv