Currently being printed, the 13th edition of the Bulletin of the Supreme Court is already accessible in electronic form. The edition comprises wide range of information about the work of the Supreme Court, the Council for the Judiciary and other institutions of the judicial system. Courts and judicial institutions, faculties of law and libraries of higher educational institutions will receive the Bulletin in the printed version.

The 13th edition of the Bulletin of the Supreme Court features the publication of the materials of  Latvian Justices’ Conference held on the 15th of May. The main topic of the conference was the judicial ethics, the conference presentations and publications were devoted to this topic. „There is a close connection between values a person chooses and adheres to in daily life and decisions and actions one takes,” Ivars Bickovics, the Chair of the Council for the Judiciary, said addressing the justices. He also emphasized, that the ethical canons are not a burden or limitation of freedom in the work of a justice, just the opposite – they are professional values that help to reach decisions and choose one’s actions. Bulletin includes the presentation of the conference guest from University of Minnesota, US, Jane E. Kirtley, about ethical use of media by the justices and analysis of the researchers from the University of Latvia about the eight years experience of the Commission of Judicial Ethics. Former representatives of the Commission Visvaldis Sprudzans, Dzintra Balta and Marika Senkane spoke about the most important issues addressed by it. The justices that were put forward as candidates in the new elections of Commission of Judicial Ethics presented their vision about the further work of the Commission.

Departments of the Supreme Court organized the part of the conference devoted to their respective fields of law and subsequently provided the Bulletin with the latest information. Novelties from the Departments are also included in the legal practice division of the Bulletin. Special attention is paid to the conclusions of the general meeting of the justices of the Department of Civil Cases about rights of the participant of the case – natural person – to formalise representation by means of an oral application during the hearing, as well as the change of the case law of the department on the issue related to responsibility of a Member of the Board about tax and tax-related debts in case of insolvency of an enterprise.

The section of legal thoughts containspublications on current issues of interest in a given area of law (Peteris Opincans and Janis Baumanis about intent in bribery, Aija Branta about policy in determining criminal penalties), and about legal policy and practice (Janis Neimanis about legal responsibility of those applying law, Anita Zikmane about uniform application of law in the area of access  to justice), and also historical overview by Solvita Harbacevica on the European integration process and transformation of Latvian legal system.  

As always, the Bulletin publishes an overview of experience gained and conclusions reached by the justices and employees of the Supreme Court during their business trips. Bulletin also comprises information about the latest legal literature authored by justices and employees of the Supreme Court.

The Bulletin of the Supreme Court is being published twice a year. It is being delivered to all Latvian courts and other institutions belonging to the judiciary, as well as to the libraries and faculties of law of higher educational institutions and published on the web site of the Supreme Court

The 13th Edition of the Bulletin of the Supreme Court


Information prepared by

Head of the Communication Division of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece