Chairs of the Senate

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Chairs of the Senate Assembly

Kristaps Valters 1920–1934

Aleksandrs Gubens 1934–1940


Chairs of the Civil Cassation Department

Karlis Ozolins 1919–1933

Augusts Lebers (d.d.) 1933–1934

Osvalds Ozolins 1934–1940


Chairs of Criminal Cassation Department

Mikelis Gobins 1919–1931

Aleksandrs Gubens 1931–1940

Janis Balodis 1940


Chairs of Administrative Department

Kristaps Valters 1919–1934

Janis Kalacs 1934–1940


Chief prosecutors of the Senate

Voldemars Zamuels 1919–1921

Aleksandrs Haritonovskis 1922–1933

Voldemars Kanepits 1933–1936

Fricis Zilbers 1936–1940


Chair of Office of the Senate's rulings

Kārlis Ducmanis 1938–1940