Materials of Latvian State Historical Archives

The print version

After the proposal of the Supreme Court, the National Archives of Latvia have digitized part of historical heritage of the Senate of Latvia - 3500 pages of archive documents – and has created set of documents accessible by anoyne Insight into documents of the Senate of Latvia. 1919 – 1940

Materials gathered by the Office of the Senate’s rulings (from mid-1939 until the end of 1940) are available on this webpage.


The content of digital Latvian State Historical Archives (LVVA) is created to provide a clear insight into published documents.  

Theses taken from rulings of the Senate are arranged according to different normative acts.

In the top right corner there are keywords related to thesis; on the left side there are two types of indications marked with a red pencil – C. (quote) - specific thesis is a quote taken from the ruling, p. (reshuffle) - word order of the thesis of the ruling has been reshuffled without changing the essence of the sentence. The aim of such marks is to give user an opportunity determine whether the text of thesis totally or nearly coincides with the text of the ruling, or thesis contains free retelling of thoughts expressed in a ruling, so in order to stand out, third designation "a" (retelling) is blue.

A broader overview is given in Introduction of digital Latvian State Historical Archives.

References to archive materials are formed by the principle: LVVA 1535. f. 8. apr. 75. lieta, 6. lp. and 6. op.

The digitized content provides insight into the beginnings of application of the 1937 Civil Law as well as into continuity of provisions of Civil Law 1864, the benchmark of which is here.

Presentation of digital archives took place on 18 March 2016.