Divisions of the Administration

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To ensure operation of the Supreme Court, the Administration includes five divisions.

The Division of Human Resources develops and implements uniform personnel management policy in the court; provides personnel continuing education; promotes personnel motivation and loyalty; organises personnel documentation and provides internal control of work environment.

The Head of the Division is Gunita Argale.

The Division of Communication develops and implements uniform court communication strategy; provides internal and external communication; organises international cooperation and maintains and develops uniform court corporate style. The Division also maintains and improves the museum of the Supreme Court.

The Head of the Division is Rasma Zvejniece.

The Division of Information Technologies develops and implements court information technologies and information systems development plan and provides their maintenance; develops security of court information system; provides technical support to users of court information systems.

The Head of the Division is Pavels Veleckis.

The Division of Finance provides management and control of finance; develops and implements accountancy keeping and organisation system; organises accountancy; manages economic and technical means; organises economic activity in correspondence with finance allocated from state budget.

The Head of the Division is Uldis Cuma Zvirbulis.