The Supreme Court strategy 2017 -2019

The print version

The Supreme Court Strategy is mid-term policy document, which states directions of activities and development of the Supreme Court. The strategy is based on analysis of current situation and it states mid-term strategic goals in five priority fields, as well as objectives for reaching them.  


Priority fields of activity in 2017-2019

  • Efficient and high-quality administration of justice

  • Strengthening the authority of the Supreme Court


1. Efficient and high-quality administration of justice


  • Improvement of quality of administration of justice
  • Observation of fundamental human rights in administration of justice
  • Compilation and availability of case-law
  • Continuing education for judges and employees
  • Development of Human Resources Management System
  • Development of information technologies
  • Faster and more efficient circulation of electronic documents


2. Strengthening the authority of the Supreme Court


  • Strengthening the role of cassation instance
  • Ensuring the transparency of judicial work
  • Legal educating of society
  • Research and preservation of history of the Supreme Court 


You may read the Supreme Court strategy for 2017–2019 here.