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30 September, 2020

Ten vacancies of judges from district (city) courts are transferred to the Economic Court

The Judicial Council agreed that ten judicial vacancies of district (city) courts shall be transferred to the Economic Court, which commences its work on January 1.
30 September, 2020

The possibility to transfer a case to another court should be maintained, but should be used as an exception

The regulation of Section 321 of the Civil Procedure Law, which allows transferring cases from one court to another, is used as a solution for levelling of workload between courts and faster examination of cases under civil procedure. The Judicial Council discussed whether this provision, which was introduced into the law for a definite period of time, should be determined as a permanent provision of the law. Practice shows that the grounds for transferring a case are not always sufficient and do not always meet an objective of this exception, i.e. to speed up the proceedings, as well as the availability of court to the participants in the proceedings is not sufficiently assessed at all times.
30 September, 2020

Dzintra Balta is re-elected the Deputy Chair of the Judicial Council

Senator Dzintra Balta has been re-elected the Deputy Chair of the Judicial Council.
29 September, 2020

On a ten-year anniversary of the Judicial Council its role in strengthening the independence and quality of the judiciary is emphasized

On September 28, the tenth anniversary of the Judicial Council was celebrated at a solemn sitting attended by the President of Latvia, the current and former members of the Judicial Council, and heads of judicial self-government institutions. Welcoming the establishment and development of an institution unprecedented in Latvia, it was emphasized that in the future the Judicial Council should further strengthen its role in the country as a whole and in the justice system.