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26 June, 2018

On the issues viewed and decisions taken at the sitting of the Council for the Judiciary on June 25

On June 25, Anita Zikmane, the Head of the Division of Case-law and Research of the Supreme Court, informed about the implementation of the Council for the Judiciary’s decision of February 5, 2018, analyzing the cases of insolvency and legal protection, in which the Supreme Court satisfied the protests submitted from 2008 to 2014. An in-depth analysis was initially carried out in 30 cases, adding up to 10 more cases during the work process. At present, with the involvement of experts from the field of justice, there are rulings in 118 cases, corresponding to ¾ of the planned volume of work. Experts continue to work on problem analysis and the formulation of systematic conclusions. Although it cannot be excluded that expert opinions may differ on some issues, the Council for the Judiciary invited experts to find the opportunity to complete the work by the end of August, so that the conclusions could be heard at the next sitting of the Council.
1 June, 2018

The European Commission's 2018 Report on the Rule of Law in the European Union is published

On May 28, the European Commission published the 2018 EU Justice Scoreboard, which analyzes and compares the effectiveness, quality and independence of the judicial systems in the EU Member States. The 28 EU Member States took part in the preparation of the report, providing both statistics and describing the situation regarding various legal issues.