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30 December, 2019

Judge Valters Pokis returns to Regional Administrative Court

On December 30, Valters Pokis, judge of Regional Administrative Court, will cease judicial duties at the Supreme Court.
25 November, 2019

In criminal cases, the most common reason for initiation of cassation proceedings is incorrect application of a punishment

In the first ten months of this year, the Department of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court (Senate) annulled or amended rulings of first instance courts and courts of appeal in more than half of cases examined. Furthermore, in two out of five annulled or modified rulings (38%) the errors in application of a punishment have been found as shows the statistics of the Supreme Court.
22 November, 2019

Experience shared on international co-operation of Latvian courts in the field of criminal law

Senators Anita Polakova and Aivars Uminskis of the Department of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court participated in the international conference "The Critical Role of the Judiciary in Combating Trafficking in Human Beings" organized by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tashkent on November 13-14.
15 November, 2019

During the solemn celebration the recipients of awards from the state, the judiciary and the Supreme Court are congratulated

On November 15, at a ceremony at the Supreme Court Valerijs Maksimovs, Senator of the Department of Civil Cases, received the Badge of Honour of the Third Degree of the Judiciary for exemplary, honest, and creative work in the area of justice.
14 November, 2019

Participants of the Young Lawyers University learned about the Supreme Court

Participants of the Young Lawyers University of the University of Latvia acquired knowledge not only theoretically but also practically, namely, by solving cases during classes, as well as going on field trips and meeting with practitioners in the field. At the conclusion of the second lesson on 9 November, the students visited the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court.
6 November, 2019

Senator Aija Branta attends the 20th anniversary ceremony of the Consultative Council of European Judges in Strasbourg

From November 6 till November 8, the 20th Plenary Session of the Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE) and the Solemn Conference dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the CCJE are held in Strasbourg. Aija Branta, Senator of the Supreme Court of Latvia and Latvia's representative to CCJE, is also taking part.
31 October, 2019

The Supreme Court is visited by high-ranking officials of European judicial organizations

On Thursday, October 31, Ramin Gurbanov, President of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ), and Artashes Melikyan, Head of the Secretariat of the Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE), visited the Supreme Court. Officials from the European judicial organizations met Ivars Bickovics, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Chair of the Council for the Judiciary, and Senator Aija Branta, Latvian representative to both European judicial organizations (CEPEJ and CCJE).
29 October, 2019

Two Senators of the Supreme Court have received the highest state award

In accordance with the decision of the President of the Republic of Latvia and the Order of Chapters, the Order of the Three Stars was awarded to Peteris Dzalbe, Chair of the Department of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court, and to Marite Zagere, Senator of the Department of Civil Cases, for meritorious service to Latvia.
28 October, 2019

Supreme Court employees gain experience in other Latvian courts

On October 24, a delegation of Supreme Court visited the Administrative Regional Court, Riga District Court in Jurmala and Zemgale District Court in Tukums to exchange experience, learn about the work of first and second instance courts, and discuss opportunities for the mutual cooperation. Seven staff members from all divisions of the Supreme Court – the Senate’s departments, Division of Case-law and research, Administration and Chancery – took part in the exchange visit.
24 October, 2019

“Interference with the administration of justice is unacceptable,” states the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

The course of court proceedings must be as effective as possible in every case and the court must reach a fair judgment as soon as possible. This is particularly important in the criminal case of the Zolitude tragedy, as stated by Ivars Bickovics, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. At the same time, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court points out that neither he nor the judges of the Supreme Court have the right to intervene in the organizational matters of a lower court and to influence the course of the proceedings.