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25 September, 2019

Chair of the Department participates in the colloquium dedicated to 30th anniversary of the General Court of the European Union

On 25 September, the General Court of the European Union celebrates its 30th anniversary. To honour this event, a colloquium "The General Court of the European Union in the Digital Era" is being held in Luxembourg, attended by Veronika Krumina, Chair of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court.
20 September, 2019

Delegation of the Supreme Court of Slovenia visits Latvia

This week, the Supreme Court welcomed a delegation from the Supreme Court of Slovenia, headed by Damijan Florjančič, President of the Supreme Court of Slovenia. The guests came to Latvia to get acquainted with the experience of Latvian colleagues in ensuring the performance of the Supreme Court and to share their experience in this matter.
3 September, 2019

The great granddaughter of Kristaps Valters, the first Chief Justice of the Senate, visits Latvia

The centenary of the Senate of Latvia has left lasting historical traces not only in the judicial system of Latvia, but also in the families of senators. Thanks to information available on the website of the Supreme Court about the planting of a memorial oak in honour of Kristaps Valters, first Chief Justice of the Senate, his great granddaughter Christine Valters Paintner learned about her great grandfather's role in the history of Latvia. She also learned that neither the Supreme Court nor the Senator’s hometown Kuldiga has any information about descendants of Kristaps Valters, so she contacted us and came to Latvia.