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27 March, 2019

Colleagues from Germany visit the Supreme Court

On March 27 junior lawyers from Germany, who are currently studying and undergoing training at the Koblenz District Court, visited the Supreme Court for the exchange of experience. Guests had a meeting with Rihards Gulbis, Legal Research Counsel to the Department of Civil Cases. The legal research counsel provided visitors with general information on the structure of the Latvian judicial system, the court information system, giving more detailed information on the Supreme Court, its activities, the appointment of judges, the work of the departments, and the structure and tasks of the Administration.
25 March, 2019

Advisers to the Department of Criminal Cases analyse reasons for annulling rulings

In March, Nora Magone and Janis Baumanis, the advisers of the Department of Criminal Cases, attended the meetings of regional court judges to discuss issues related to the examination of cases under the settlement procedure.
22 March, 2019

Students of Rezekne Academy of Technologies learn about the work of the Supreme Court

On Friday, March 22, the law students of Rezekne Academy of Technologies visited the Supreme Court to learn about the work of judges and employees, as well as about the possibilities to read the Supreme Court rulings and follow up information on case-law.
21 March, 2019

Summary of case-law in competition cases

Competition law aims to protect and preserve free, fair and equal competition. Competition law is a mechanism for the development of a dynamic internal market and thus for the improvement of general welfare. In view of the particular public importance of competition law and its role in improving the business environment, the Supreme Court has summarized the case-law in competition cases.
13 March, 2019

New link between laws and case-law of the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court

“Judgment of the court makes the dry law alive and understandable to man”, said Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, at the press conference when opening the new project on the website of legal acts Likumi.lv. Henceforth, on the website Likumi.lv, the legal acts will be supplemented with references to rulings of the Supreme Court or Senate, in which findings expressed by the Court may be useful in deciding other cases and interpreting legal provisions. The articles of the legal acts will also contain information on the judgments of the Constitutional Court. The project was implemented by the official publisher of “Latvijas Vestnesis” in cooperation with the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court.
11 March, 2019

Summary of case-law in cases of the Financial and Capital Market Commission

The supervision of the financial and capital market sector is vital for the development of financial system and economics. The stability, competitiveness and development of the financial and capital market is supported by the Financial and Capital Market Commission, which regulates and supervises the activities of Latvian banks, credit unions, insurance companies and insurance intermediaries, financial instrument market participants, private pension funds, payment institutions and electronic money institutions. Considering the importance of the Financial and Capital Market Commission in promoting the stability of financial and capital market, the Supreme Court has compiled its case-law in cases regarding the Financial and Capital Market Commission.
8 March, 2019

The Supreme Court issues a book and opens a section on the website about historic judgements of the Senate

With the opening of the book “The Findings of the Senate of Latvia: Historical Heritage” on March 8, the Supreme Court concluded the centenary events of the Senate of Latvia and, as Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, said: “It is symbolic that the centenary events are concluded with opening of a book in which history connects with the present.”
8 March, 2019

Summary of case-law on claims subject to jurisdiction of administrative courts

The Division of Case-law and Research of the Supreme Court has summarized the findings of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate on the issue of claims subject to examination before administrative courts.