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21 December, 2018

Themis Awards 2018 of the Supreme Court have been given

On December 19, on the hundredth anniversary of the Senate of Latvia not only a solemn event was organized, but also, by evaluating the work done in 2018, the Themis Awards 2018 were given.
20 December, 2018

The Chief Justice accepts oaths of twelve advocates

On Thursday, December 20, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics accepted the oath of twelve advocates admitted to the Latvian Council of Sworn Advocates.
16 December, 2018

The centenary of the Senate will be solemnly celebrated

On December 19, the Supreme Court will organize a solemn celebration dedicated to the 100th anniversary Senate of Latvia.
15 December, 2018

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court emphasizes the importance of independence of national judge in ensuring protection of human rights

On 14 December, Ivars Bickovics, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, participated in an international conference in Kiev on the role of the Supreme Courts in ensuring the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. The Supreme Court of Ukraine organized the conference to review and evaluate the changes introduced in the work of the new Supreme Court of Ukraine in the first year after the radical reform of the judicial system, including the reform of the Supreme Court.
11 December, 2018

New judge and two acting judges appointed to the Department of Administrative Cases

Judge of the Regional Administrative Court Anita Kovalevska was appointed to the position of a judge of the Supreme Court by a decision of the Council for the Judiciary of December 10. The judge had applied for the position of a judge of the Department of Administrative Cases.
10 December, 2018

The Palace of Justice on its 80th anniversary opens a virtual tour of the building

On December 9 – the day when 80 years ago the Palace of Justice was inaugurated – the State Chancellery opened a virtual tour “Brīvības 36” which tells about the building, in which there currently are the Cabinet of Ministers, the State Chancellery, the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Justice.
28 November, 2018

The Supreme Court recovers its historical name – the Senate

On November 28, amendments to the Law "On Judicial Power" come into force, stipulating that the Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia recovers its historical name – the Senate, and judges may now also be called the senators.
27 November, 2018

Chief Justice accepts an oath of two notaries

On November 27, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court took an oath of notaries Inga Ergle and Agnese Stalberte-Svarca.
26 November, 2018

Annual Human Rights Conference highlights the issue of data protection

On November 23, an annual conference on topical issues in the field of human rights in Latvia was held, organized by Riga Graduate School of Law in co-operation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Conference was opened by Deputy Rector of Riga Graduate School of Law Janis Ilkstens, Judge of the European Court of Human Rights Martins Mits, President of the Constitutional Court Ineta Ziemele, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics.
16 November, 2018

On the 100th anniversary of the State, Supreme Court regains its historical name – Senate

On November 16 the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of Latvia began with a long-awaited event – the unveiling of inscription of a historical name of the Senate above the entrance to the Court. By the decision of the Saeima of 25 October the cassation instance regained its historical name – the Senate, and the State President proclaimed the law shortly before the national holiday. As emphasized by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics, this moment is significant, since the name “Senate” will have equivalent effect to the name “Supreme Court”.