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29 November, 2013

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court accepts vow of an advocate

On November 29, Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, accepted vow of the advocate Aleksandrs Berezins, admitted in the community of sworn advocates.
26 November, 2013

Research: deprivation of liberty is imposed for non-payment of taxes rarely

Punishment policy, which has been implemented by courts to persons, who are found guilty in tax evasion or evasion of payments equated to those, is characteristic of the fact that to these persons deprivation of liberty, with some exceptions, if offence was committed, when sentence had not been served, has not been imposed – such conclusion is made by Valentija Liholaja, the Doctor of Law, in compilation of case-law prepared by the professor upon order of the Supreme Court in cooperation with the Department of Criminal Cases of the Senate and the Division of Case-law.
21 November, 2013

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court participates in the international conference on role and prospects of justice in the European Union

On November 21 and 22, Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, participates in the international conference “Role of justice in the European Union” organised by the European Commission in Brussels, where justice policy of the European Union for next years will be discussed.
20 November, 2013

In anniversary of the system of justice Marks of Distinction are received

On November 19, at the festive event dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the Ministry of Justice, Inara Garda, the senator of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate of the Supreme Court was awarded with Mark of Distinction of the System of Justice.
14 November, 2013

The former senator Vilnis Vietnieks publishes second collection of poems

Vilnis Vietnieks, the former senator of the Supreme Court, having worked for 32 years in the office of the judge, when retiring in 2010, published collection of his poems “Wind of Selonia”, which includes poems written since the sixties, alongside with work of a judge.
14 November, 2013

The Supreme Court: it is obligation of a court to evaluate, if contracts are not in conflict principle of good faith

When applying demurrage, principles of rule of law, fairness and equal protection of parties of legal relations, which are included in the Constitution, should be observed, not denying freedom of contracts, but not admitting application of such demurrage and other means, which due to excessive severity destroy the party economically or due to insignificant infringement deprive his/her prospects to successful activity in long-term.
14 November, 2013

Senators share experience about implementation of administrative procedure in Latvia

Jautrite Briede, the senator of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate of the Supreme Court presents her report on cancellation of administrative act in case-law of the Supreme Court at the conference regarding administrative procedure in Kazakhstan, which takes place in Almaty, this week.
12 November, 2013

The Supreme Court has summarised case-law on public service

Every year the Supreme Court summarises case-law on topical legal issues. This year, taking into account great number of cases related to public service relations, and importance of case-law conclusions in those, case-law in this category of cases is summarised.
2 November, 2013

Changes of structure of the Supreme Court are also discussed at Judges’ Conference

The title of the Senate and senators is not only a title; it is historical succession, if we speak about continuity of Latvian State of 1918. If there has been the Saeima – instead of Parliament, Satversme – instead of Constitution, Satversme court instead of Constitutional Court, then why particular branch of power – judiciary – has been deprived of this historical title of the Senate?