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22 October, 2013

The Constitutional Court considers refusal to initiate cassation proceedings to be in compliance with the Constitution

On October 21, the Constitutional Court passed the judgement, considering provision of the Civil Procedure Law, which provides the Supreme Court senators’ rights to refuse initiation of cassation proceedings, to be in compliance with the Constitution.
22 October, 2013

Comments on the Administrative Procedure Law are published for the first time

Body of twenty-two authors under scientific editorship of the Doctor of Law, the senator Jautrite Briede, has prepared book of comments on the Administrative Procedure Law.
15 October, 2013

The senator Neimanis will continue to head the Association of Administrative Judges

In session of the Latvian Association of Administrative Judges Janis Neimanis, the senator of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate of the Supreme Court, who has managed the Association since its foundation in 2009, was elected to the office of the Chair of the Association for the next two years.
11 October, 2013

Both pupils and teachers have been learning in the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is not only the court instance, basic function of which is to administer justice and develop case-law, but it is also the institution, which is open for legal education of society – students, pupils and teachers.
2 October, 2013

The Disciplinary Court makes the Judicial Qualification Committee to re-assess professional activity of a judge

The Disciplinary Court was convened in the Senate of the Supreme Court on September, 30, to verify rule of law of negative statement given by the Judicial Qualification Committee, which was appealed against by a judge of a city court.