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25 January, 2013

The Judicial Qualifications Committee will be headed by Gunars Aigars also in future

New Judicial Qualifications Committee, elected by judges last year, in its first session on the 25th of January re-elected Gunars Aigars, the Chair of the Chamber of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court, for the post of the Chair of the Committee. Mr.Aigars has managed the Judicial Qualifications Committee for thirteen years already. However, Ervins Kuskis, the Chair of the Chamber of Criminal Cases, was elected for the post of the vice-Chair of the Committee.
Newly elected Judicial Qualifications Committee, alongside with other duties related to judicial careers, will have to perform the first regular assessment of professional activity of all judges of departments of Land books, of district (city) courts, of regional courts and of the Supreme Court between 2013 and 2016, as it is stated in the law “On Judicial Power”.
18 January, 2013

Confederation of trade-unions publishes a book on case-law of the Senate in labour law

The book “Compilation of case-law in labour law” opened in Latvian Confederation of Free Trade-unions (LCFT) on the 18th of January, is a peculiar edition – both historical view on case-law of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate of Latvia in labour law, performed in interwar period, and case-law of the Senate of the Supreme Court of last years in sequence of the Labour Law and other legislative standards may be found together.
17 January, 2013

The Supreme Court invites pupils of a secondary school to apply for the Shadow Day

The Supreme Court supports Shadow Day – popular educational event devoted to pupils’ career also this year, inviting pupils of a secondary school to become “shadows” in the Supreme Court on the 13th of February. Providing an opportunity to have insight in daily routine of judges of the Supreme Court and employees of the court, the Supreme Court helps to extend pupils’ horizon and understanding on knowledge and skills necessary in their future profession.
2 January, 2013

Donations of judges and employees of the Supreme Court will be transferred to elementary boarding school in Rudzati

At the end of a year, charity campaign has become a tradition in the Supreme Court – raising donation for children, whose life is not easy. At the end of 2012, judges and employees of the court donated LVL 633, and they are transferred to elementary boarding training school in Rudzati.