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26 January, 2012

The most part of clients of the Supreme Court are satisfied with work of the court; main problems are terms of review of cases and availability of case-law

Summarized results of questionnaire performed among clients of the Supreme Court last year show that 77% of lawyers – prosecutors, advocates, assistants to advocates and authorized persons touching the work of the Supreme Court in proceedings, are satisfied with it. It proves conclusion that members of society or court clients who really came in touch with court work, evaluate it significantly more positively than others.
9 January, 2012

The Supreme Court Bulletin: materials from Latvian Judicial Conference and publications of senators about topical issues of judicial theory and practice

The Supreme Court has prepared and published the third issue of “The Supreme court Bulletin” that will be delivered to Latvian courts, other institutions of judiciary, to libraries and higher educational institutions in nearest future. You may also get acquainted with the bulletin on the home page of the Supreme Court. In the first part of the bulletin, materials from Latvian Judicial Conference, which took place on the 25th of November, 2011, are published. Those are allocutions, reports read in sections of branches of law and summary of discussions.
5 January, 2012

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court accepts an oath of three bailiffs

On the 5th of January, Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, accepted the oath of thee bailiffs. By order of the executer of duties of the Minister of Justice, Dace Plesa is appointed for the post of a bailiff on territory of Riga regional court, Dace Cgojeva – on territory of Kurzeme regional court and Rudite Slivjuka – on territory of Zemgale regional court. Bailiffs vowed to be loyal to Latvian State, to fulfil state laws in good faith and in their best consciousness and confidence, to deport courts and judiciary with dignity, to observe instructions and orders of supervisory institutions and officials of those, to execute duties of a bailiff honestly, to protect legal interests of individuals, cases and values trusted and to withhold vocational secrets, being aware that they should respond for their activities in front of the law.
2 January, 2012

Children and family support centre in Allazi receives donations of the Supreme Court

Charity campaign has become an annual tradition in the Supreme Court at the end of the year. However, donations have been raised for children struggling against difficult life. At the end of 2011 judges and court employees donated LVL 614 which was transferred to the Centre of Children and Family Support in Allazi, in Sigulda district.
2 January, 2012

Pavels Gruzins became the Person of the Year of the Supreme Court in 2011

Pavels Gruzins, the Head of the Division of Case-Law has received the highest award of the Supreme Court – the title of the Person of the Year and Themis Award. Pavels Gruzins terminated execution of his duties of judge in 2011 after 32 years of work in this post (24 of them – in the Supreme Court). However, he didn’t leave the Supreme Court. Taking into account his great work experience, he was invited to manage the Division of Case-Law. In 2011, the Saeima according to proposal of the Board of Justice has given to the ex-Chair of the Department of Criminal Cases of the Senate and the ex-deputy of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court the title of the Honorary Judge.
1 January, 2012

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Deviation of one party from the contract doesn’t release the other party, that hasn’t fulfilled the terms of the contract, from the fulfilment of obligations upon the contract and doesn’t interrupt legal relationship of parties, in relation with which the contract of the Court of Arbitration has been signed, think judges of the Supreme Court. Such decision was made in a general meeting off judges of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate and Chamber of Civil Cases on July 2. It is possible to get acquainted with this ruling in the home page of the Supreme Court www.at.gov.lv in chapter „Court information”. During last period of time the question about power of the contract of Court of Arbitration became more topical, because in contracts of credit of banks and other institutions that offer financial services, with borrowers it has been often included term on rights of the creditor to deviate from the contract in unilateral way, it is, to break the contract in cases, when borrowers break their obligations on the return of the loan in terms, established by parties. While reviewing applications from creditors about issue of writing of execution for execution of verdicts of Courts of Arbitration, in which claims about levy of all amount of the debt have been discharged, in cases, when creditor deviates from the contract in unilateral way, there are situations that judges decline issue of the writing of execution, on the basis of conclusion, that at the same time with unilateral deviation of creditor from the contract of credit, operation of contract of Court of Arbitration also comes to an end.