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26 November, 2009

Ukranian judges learn from the Supreme Court of Latvia

On November 26, during the scholastic visit, the Supreme Court had been visited by the delegation of judges from the Ukraine. Their aim was to get acquainted with judicial system of Latvia, inter alia – with the Supreme Court. In the composition of the delegation there had been included the deputy of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Ukraine and the chairman of the Council of Justice of the Ukraine Petr Pilipcuk, chairmen and deputies of chairmen of Court of appeal and several regional courts of the Ukraine, representatives of Court Administration of the Ukraine. The delegation met the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics, his deputy and the Chair of the Department of Criminal Cases of the Senate Pavels Gruzins, and the Head of Administration Sandra Lapina. Colleagues had been interested about several fields of professional work – the creation and use of the case-law of the Supreme Court, the organisation of work of departments of the Senate, replacement of judges, sanctioning of operative activities, the appointment of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and independence of the Supreme Court. Ukrainian colleagues were interested about opinion upon liquidation of Commercial Court and creation of administrative courts in Latvia, the procedure of appointment of General Procesutor and other questions.
19 November, 2009

In national holiday the united Choir of courts makes the debut

In ceremonial event in the Supreme Court that had been dedicated to 91st anniversary of proclamation of the Republic of Latvia, on November 17, the united Choir of courts took the floor. This was the first performance of the Choir. The Choir of courts, in which judges and employees of the Supreme Court, the Administrative regional court, the Court of the Central district of Riga city, the Land book and Office of Prosecutor, since September have come to rehearsals twice a week. Conductors Daiga Stube and Ivita Poriete work with the choir. The beginning of community singing was established last year already, when senators Jautrite Briede and Veronika Krumina suggested to unite all those, who wanted to sing, in the choir of the Supreme Court. Daiga Stube, who was the employee of the court that time, also sang in the choir, and later she put herself at the head of the choir as conductor. Unfortunately, the community singing had run short, but this autumn it revived in new quality – the choir of the Supreme Court expanded till the united Choir of courts, and Daiga Stube resumed her studies in Latvian Academy of Music in the Department of Choir conducting and put herself at the head of the choir.
16 November, 2009

Judges and employees of the court help to warm winter to those, who are homeless now

Judges and employees of the Supreme Court supported and answered to charity campaign „Let’s warm the winter”, and donated new and used yarns, and also knitting needoes and sweaters to be undone to manual training society in Daily Care centre of Riga home. „Visitation of classes in manual training society in Daily Care centre of Riga home is very active, and now, due to donations, they can be organised not only once a week, but more frequently. The number of those, who want work, is enough, they even plan to organise Christmas exhibition or even far with their works”, the coordinator of of the campaign, the student of Business High School „Turība” Zane tells. During the campaign that took place from October 26 till November 6, there was made invitation, when winter is at hand, to help to provide homeless inhabitants of Riga with warm scarves, gloves, socks and caps. But it had been offered not to give finished items, but to give yarns and knitting needles, so that people would knit themselves. In Daily Care Centre there was created the society of manual training, where people, whose home at present is street, could come and knit clothing for themselves and other homeless people.
4 November, 2009

The gown of the judge has been given to the collection of Honorary Consul

The collection of gowns of judges, belonging to Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia in Washington DC, Stephen Zirschky, will be increased with the gown of the judge of the Supreme Court. The Honorary Consul wishes to share his joy about his new acquisition with Latvians of Seattle on November 18, in the commemoration of foundation of the Republic of Latvia. Stephen Zirschky is the advocate, specializing in consultations in field of business, IT and economics. His hobby is collection of gowns of judges from different countries of the world. As since year 2007 Stephen Zirschky has executed also duties of Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia in Washington DC, he wanted to supplement his collection with the gown of Latvian judge very much. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent the petition of the Consul to the Supreme Court.