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20 April, 2007

Saeima takes into consideration the opinion of Supreme Court on amendments of Criminal Procedure law

Saeima on 19th of April has conceptually supported amendments of Criminal Procedure law, over which debates were aroused in recent time, admitting same time that before adopting in next readings more wide discussion about it is required as well as the analysis of other country experience.
12 April, 2007

The functions of Judicial Council are not clear in draft law Governing the Court system

Discussions and development of Judicial Councils of other countries contain significant experience – information and arguments, that can be useful to Latvia, where such council creation is being considered, - Senator of Supreme Court Veronika Krūmiņa after her coming back from Third European Judge Conference in Rome has admitted. On the conference, which’s subject was “Judicial Councils in Europe” experience of different countries was examined, and it was discussed over the membership, competence of judicial councils so as about their place in institutional system of the state and role they play consolidating the independency of courts so as over the judicial councils as the sort of a guarantee of courts and judges reputation.
10 April, 2007

Interpreting the implementation of the law „On dwelling-house rent” is outside of the competence of Supreme Court

During last half-year Supreme Court has been receiving applications from lessors living in denationalized properties, where they ask for Chief Justice’s interpretation of the implementation of the law „On dwelling-house rent” in accordance with judgment of Constitutional Court from 8th of March 2006, that canceled Paragraphs 4, 5, 7, 8 of Transitional rules, that established the maximum of rent in denationalized properties. Head of the Division of Complaints Rolands Krauze has informed that during last week ten of such applications were received.
4 April, 2007

American judge takes interest in court of appeal

On Wednesday, 4th of April judge of west district of state of Kentucky of USA Charles Simpson has visited Supreme Court. He had a friendly meeting with Chairs of Chambers of Supreme Court Gunārs Aigars and Ivars Bičkovičs.
29 March, 2007

Youth is becoming acquainted with Supreme Court with high interest

Within the framework of Lawyers Days, on 29th of March the doors of Supreme Court were open to those who had the wish for becoming acquainted with the work of Court, its halls and history. This opportunity was used by forty young people, law students mainly.
28 March, 2007

Invitation to debate about future of Supreme Court and about form and content of judiciary reform

On Thursday, 29th of March Chief Justice Andris Gulans, heads of departments of Senate and of court chambers will express their opinion on the reform sketched in draft law Governing the court system, that relates to place and role of Supreme Court in Legal System of Latvia.
27 March, 2007

Supreme Court takes part in Lawyers Days

On Thursday, 29th of March the doors of Supreme court will be open to those who applied for excursion and have the wish for becoming acquainted with Court Museum, halls of court sittings and other rooms of the building that in 1938 was built as Court castle. In its part, at 14.00 all are invited for a discussion about a role and a place of Supreme Court in legal system of Latvia.
23 March, 2007

Gulans will take part in international conference devoted to 50th anniversary of Treaty of Rome

Chief Justice Andris Gulans will take part in international conference „The influence of law and case-law of countries members of EU on interpretation of European Community law” in Luxembourg on 26th of March.
16 March, 2007

Last year Latvian Courts sentenced convicts mostly accused of larceny and traffic accidents

With every year the number of convicts in Latvian courts is being reduced. In Year 2006 9925 person were convicted, which is for 1293 p. less then in year 2005 and for 3661 p. less than in year 2003. Statistics summarized by Supreme Court show that. In Statistics summary Court Information System data were used.
15 March, 2007

Supreme Court of Latvia is becoming acquainted with experience of Denmark

Fifteen officials of Supreme Court – Chief Justice, his deputies, judges, judge assistants, and representatives of Administration and Chancery of Senate – made an experience exchange visit to Denmark.