The name of professor Konstantins Cakste is brought back to life of the Latvian civil law with renewed vigor, as honoring the memory of the remarkable Latvian law professor the moot court competition named after him has concluded.

After a two-day competition, on April 7 of this year, with the finale in the premises of the Supreme Court the Konstantins Cakste Civil Law Moot Court Competition was concluded. A significant number of participants applied for the competition – a total of 17 teams from Daugavpils University, University of Latvia (LU), Riga Graduate School of Law and Riga Stradins University. In order to grant an opportunity to prove their skills and knowledge to the widest range of future lawyers, the organizers allowed 16 teams to participate in the moot court hearing instead of the planned 12 teams.

A fierce competition took place on the very first day of the moot court, when the teams at the leading law firms in Latvia held the first round. The right to continue competition in the semi-final was obtained by the teams of the University of Latvia “Pirmstiesas spriedums” (“Pre-trial Judgment”), “Plostotāji” (“Floaters”), “Ar šarmu pret karmu” (“With Charm against Karma”), “Carpe diem, carpe noctem”, but the finalists were – “Carpe diem, carpe noctem”.

The final round of the competition was held in the premises of the Supreme Court, where the victory was celebrated by team “Pirmstiesas spriedums”.

The judges of the moot court were recognized industry experts – judges of the Supreme Court Zane Petersone and Aigars Strupiss, lecturers of the University of Latvia and other experienced lawyers.

The competition was organized by the University of Latvia, Faculty of Law, in cooperation with the Supreme Court, the Latvian Bar Association and other partners.


The information is prepared based in onformation provided by the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia.