The issue of journal "Jurista Vārds" (“Lawyer’s Word”) of April 24 is devoted entirely to administrative law and chairs, judges and assistants to judges of all three court instances participated in its creation. The guest editor of "Jurista Vārds" was Dita Plepa, legal research counsel to the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court, who in turn involved almost all department in the project.

"The editorial board of “Jurista Vārds" implements a new idea inviting guest editors to create the contents and concept of the journal. In order to try one’s hand in another method of argumentation and another form of written content, judges of administrative courts and their assistants have written articles outlining the diversity of administrative rights. In turn, I had the honor and the responsibility to engage in the implementation of this idea and acquire some project management skills,” the guest editor of the thematic issue writes in the editorial column.

Chairs of administrative courts have identified sectoral challenges and formulated strategic goals. Veronika Krumina, Chair of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court, highlights the traditions inherited from the Senate of the Latvia, the team of professional judges and employees, as well as the values of the department – the quality of rulings, a successful dialogue with the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Justice.

Judge Dace Mita and assistant to the judge Inga Ruska analyzed whether the administrative court operates according to the purpose of its creation fourteen years ago, whether the vision of the law-makers and legislators on how administrative procedure should look like in contemporary democratic Latvia is being turned into action.

The assistants to judges of the Department have addressed a diverse range of topics – Darta Freimane writes about administrative acts that create legal implications for a number of specific individuals. Mikelis Zumbergs writes on issues regarding the enforcement of administrative acts, Janis Geks – on value added tax transactions. Judge Ieva Viskere, with the help of assistant Santa Ratnika, outlines some procedural issues that are relevant in cases where there is a dispute in the context of a public law contract and the person wants to resolve the dispute through the court. Advisor to the Division of Case-law and Research Aleksandrs Potaicuks shares his thoughts on the Europeanisation of the administrative procedure law.

Whereas, Judge of the Department of Administrative Cases Rudite Vidusa has initiated a new thematic category – "Lawyer and Culture", where lawyers will be able to present their colleagues with impressions from the world of culture and encourage them to expand their intellectual experience. The judge shares the thoughts evoked by the Spanish writer Huan Bonilla book on Russian poet Mayakovsky.

The number of authors is extensive – it's the work of all three administrative courts, which resulted in a voluminous journal containing 74 pages.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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