The Plenary Session of the Supreme Court on the 21st of December re-elected the senator Veronika Krumina for the post of the Chair of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate. Pursuant to the law “On Judicial Power”, Chairs of department of the Senate and court chambers of the Supreme Court are elected by general meeting of judges for the term of five years.

When reporting on work that had been done in previous term of office of five years, Veronika Krumina pointed out that work load and intensity of senators of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate has increased significantly: both number of cases received and heard increased, but the Department of Administrative Cases was able to decrease accumulation of cases. Number of senators in the Department has increased from six to nine during five years. Professional requirements for assistants to senators are kept high, and it has been proved by the fact that three ex-assistants to senators of the Department of Administrative Cases became judges during last five years.

In addition to work of senators, the Department of Administrative Cases dedicated time to information and education of a society. Veronika Krumina led lessons of law for pupils and met students of faculties of law and journalism studies of various higher educational institutions, and read lectures on different subjects to students and in Latvian Judicial Training Centre. The Department of Administrative Cases provides regular information to the society about legal issues discussed in sittings of the Senate and results of cases heard.  Senators participated in development of amendments to Administrative Procedure Law; Veronika Krumina participated in sessions of committees and sub-committees of the Saeima (the Parliament) in relation to preparation of another draft laws, representing both department and the Supreme Court.  

Indicating directions of further activity, Veronika Krumina mentioned necessity to improve Court Information System, to organise seminars for judges of district and regional courts, using videoconference opportunities, as well as to improve non-procedural cooperation with the Constitutional Court.  The Chair of the department of Administrative Cases also stressed the necessity to extend availability of the case-law of the Senate.

Veronika Krumina has been the Chair of the Department of Administrative Cases since 2007. She was elected for the post of a judge of the Supreme Court in 2005, previously worked as a judge in Riga city Vidzeme Suburb court and Administrative regional court, as well as director of Codification department, vice-secretary of State for legislation issues and vice-secretary of State for court issues in the Ministry of Justice, and in Legal Department in the Chancellery.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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