Among the most significant decisions of the Constitutional Court adopted in past years those should be mentioned, which are directed to protection of independence of judiciary as of constitutional value and cooperation of three branches of state power in strengthening this value, said Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Chair of the Council of Justice.

I.Bickovics mentioned two decisions of the Constitutional Court to be significant for judiciary – on procedure of review of budget requests performed by independent institutions and on reform of remuneration of judges and prosecutors.

“Although the Constitutional Court terminated proceedings in both cases, more important are indications included in decisions how balanced and respectful relations should be formed in democratic state between legislator and executive power, on the one hand, and judiciary, on the other hand, thinking and acting in long-term perspective”, I.Bickovics said.

The Chair of the Council of Justice particularly stressed conclusions on role and procedural rights of the Council of Justice in protection of interests of judiciary and on cooperation of legislator and judiciary, given by the Constitutional Court in its decision in case on reform of wages of judges. “One may say that the Constitutional Court filled sections of law about the Council of Justice with actual content”, the Chair of the Council of Justice admitted.

However, stressing subject of the conference on December 9, about initiation of a case in the Constitutional Court, I.Bickovics reminded that, when forming the Constitutional Court, its functions didn’t include assessment of correspondence of legal regulations and such right was granted to the court by amendments to the Law on Constitutional Court, adopted in 2000; however, the law also granted right to administrative courts and courts of general jurisdiction to submit an application to the Constitutional Court, if discrepancy of regulation applicable to legal regulations of higher legal power is established. Number of applications submitted to the Constitutional Court by courts increases annually. “Courts evaluate that proceeding of the Constitutional Court provides an opportunity for more detailed assessment of legal regulation”, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court said.

Veronika Krumina, the Chair of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate of the Supreme Court reported at the seminar on application to the Constitutional Court, when analysing topical problems of practice of administrative courts and the Constitutional Court.

The 9th of December is the 16th anniversary of existence of the Constitutional Court, and the court celebrates its anniversaries by organising scientifically practical seminars or conferences, in which topical issues of constitutional law are discussed, looking back to work done and searching for solutions of topical problems, as well as indicating developments trends.


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