Yesterday and today senators of the Supreme Court Jautrite Briede, Janis Neimanis and Andris Gulans put themselves in teachers’ shoes, and in a judicial hall not court sessions took place, but school lessons. In unusual lessons this week pupils of Selpils basic school, Balvu vocational secondary school, Valmiera high school of a name of Viesturs and the Riga Commercial secondary school participated. In general, in March and April lessons conducted by senators of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate, will be visited by almost 600 pupils from 25 schools of Latvia.

Senators tell pupils about legal and judicial system of Latvia, about process of judicature and about work and career of judges and representatives of other legal professions. As well, pupils hear also practical recommendations of how to learn and exercise rights, how to create legally correct and reliable relations, and also how to prepare for study in sphere of jurisprudence more successfully, and what skills and qualities are necessary in work of the judge. Senators speak also about trust to courts and about reputation of judges. “The reputation has been created for a long time, but it can fail very quickly, even in one day, if the judge acts illegally or unethically”, senator Janis Neimanis admits. Also senator Jautrite Briede underlines: «It is not necessary to sell the conscience, as there are no values which would be stronger than that I was fair».

Pupils also have a possibility see the Museum of the Supreme Court and rooms of the Judicial Palace.

The Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate is the youngest structural unit of the Supreme Court, which had been created five years ago, when Latvian Administrative Procedure Law came into force and the new field – administrative law had started to operate. The Department wanted to mark this event, that is important for the Latvian judicial system and a society, with educational actions for a society, including lessons of jurisprudence for pupils of 9-12 forms.

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Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

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