With the support of the Supreme Court, guest lecture on competition law of the European Union by Richard Whish, the Professor Emeritus of London King’s College, Honorary Queen's Counsel, will be held on May 30, in Riga.  

The guest lecture has been organised on May 30, at 10.00 o’clock in Great Hall of the Small Guild by the association “Latvian Law Institute”. It will be guest lecture on competition law of the European Union “The Importance of Market Power in Application of the European Union Competition Law and How to Measure It” read by Mr. Richard Whish QC (Hon), the Professor Emeritus of London King’s College.

The guest lecture shall be read in English language without translation.  

Length of lecture is envisaged to be 2 hours. The guest lecture shall be concluded with brief discussion on interaction of competition law of the European Union and national competition law, and session of questions and answers to last for approximately 30 minutes.  

Participation in lecture is free of charge with invitations of Latvian Law Institute. Individuals interested may apply for participation in guest lectureby e-mail: info@lti.lv


References about the professor Richard Whish

“The professor Whish has been cogent authority in Western law in competition law. In 2011, he received Global Competition Review Award for academic excellence. Professor’s works have been used in administering of justice in Latvia” – Dr.iur. Janis Neimanis, the judge of the Supreme Court Department of Administrative Cases, the Chair of the Board of Latvian Association of Administrative Judges 

“Competition law is one of those branches of law, in which there are comparatively few written norms, and judicature and explanations of legal norms and case-law of competition law in their turn play n important role, as it follows from both guidelines of the European Commission and literature. Although many explanations in practice of competition law of the European Union, which has lasted for at least 50 years, became almost definitions, there still has been a reason to consider branch of competition law to be very complex, dynamic, which “has been developing continually”, which is influenced by both increasing stress to economic analysis and procedure of identification and proving of violations, which becomes even more complex. The book “Competition law” by the professor R.Whish, which has been published in seven editions, has been used in daily work of the Competition Council – as guidebook and work tool for lawyers and economists. Along with other sources, which explain legal norms, information included in the book of R.Whish has often been used in justification of decisions of the Competition Council” – Skaidrite Abrama, the Chair of the Competition Council of the Republic of Latvia

“The professor Richard Whish has been one of the most authoritative lawyers in field of the competition law of the European Union, combining extended experience in legal practice and quite rare ability to explain complex legal and economic issues in elegant and simple way. Study book in competition law written by the professor, which has reborn in the seventh edition, has been one of the most powerful arguments in field of the European competition law, both in cooperation with those, who apply competition law in Member States and European Commission, and in resolution of disputes in national and (at present) in the European Union courts” – Dr. Martins Paparinskis, the sworn advocate, lecturer of the London University College

“The professor Richard Whish has been one of the most recognised academic authorities in field of competition law of the European Union. His name does not claim for any comments of professionals in competition law in all Europe. Author of many publications in field of competition law, and globally respected study book in competition law. The Supreme Court Senate also referred to this widely known work in its rulings related to competition law as doctrine of competition law of great authority, for example, case No SKA – 149/2006, SKA – 344/2008, SKA – 511/2008, SKA-24/2013, and the Competition Council referred to it as well.  This year, the professor R.Whish was awarded with prestigious title of  Queen's Counsel Honoris Causa” – Edijs Poga, LL.M., the sworn advocate, the director of the Latvian Law Institute


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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