The book that has become a bibliographical rarity before its opening already – so it happened with the collection of rulings of the Senate of 2011.

Taking into account information provided by former publisher about editions sold, public capital company “Latvijas Vestnesis”, which, cooperating with the Supreme Court, has published the collection of rulings of the Senate for the first time, had been planning edition cautiously. However, demand turned out to be great all at once, and the whole edition was sold during the first week.

The collection of rulings of the Senate of 2011 is published thanks to the Ministry of Justice. The ministry, being holder of public capital shares, accepted that “Latvijas Vestnesis” would publish the book at their own expenses. In its turn, the Supreme Court with its resources provide selection and anonymisation, preparation of case-law theses, systematisation of rulings, preparation of indices and translation of preface into English language.

Opening the book on the 11th of December, in the Supreme Court, Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, expressed his satisfaction that it was possible to keep one of the oldest traditions of the Senate – to edit collection of the most significant rulings of the year. Such collections have been published since restoration of the Senate of the Supreme Court in 1995: in the first and in last three years it was one joint collection for all departments, and single collection for each department of the Senate – previously. Yet more and more rulings of the Senate are available on the Internet, being published in respectable book, they are kept as historical evidence of legal thought and practice of the Senate.

Daina Abele, the Chair of the Board of „Latvijas Vestnesis” also pointed out that case-law heritage is a part of Latvian cultural heritage, and proper support provided by the state is necessary to keep it. „Latvijas Vestnesis” memorialize it in such a value, as a book.

Publishing collections of rulings of the Senate, although it is unprofitable, is necessary to create uniform case-law and to develop legal thought in Latvia.

Senators Kalvis Torgans and Jautrite Briede indicated added value of the collection – indices and references systematised, as they are used by senators in their further work.

In the event dedicated to opening of the collection, a discussion arouse on how to make case-law of the Senate more convenient to use and more available to comprehensive audience. Possibly, it should be necessary to think of change of a collection content outline, publishing theses or motive part rather than all rulings, or searching for other ways.

In collection of rulings of 2011, the most significant rulings are published, selected by method of sampling, which were adopted in 2011 by all departments of the Senate – the Department of Civil Cases, the Department of Criminal Cases and the Department of Administrative Cases. Forty rulings were selected for each department, providing insight not only into each branch of law, but also into work of the Senate in general. Conclusions of the court included in all rulings of the Senate published, are case-law, which is to be used as auxiliary legal source.

Rulings are systematised, case-law theses are developed for them. Each part of the book has its own extended content index, as well as an abstract. Also, each part contains indices developed separately, by different criteria – indices of definitions, theses, laws and regulations, rulings, to which references are given, etc., that will help to find the ruling person is interested in.

Total volume of the collection is 1328 pages.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

E-mail:, telephone: 67020396, 28652211