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Jautrite Briede discharges duties of an ad hoc judge in the European Court of Human Rights. April 8, 2015
The court verifies evidence outdoors. March 30, 2015
Judges of the Department of Civil Cases meet the professor Winiger from University of Geneva. March 10, 2015
The Plenary Session of the Supreme Court. March 6, 2015
Job Shadow Day. February 11, 2015
Representatives of Supreme Court of Latvia and Lithuania exchange experience in the Supreme Court of Georgia. February 3, 2015
Themis Award, December 19, 2014
History of the Chamber of Criminal Cases is wrapped up in the book, December 18, 2014
Zigmants Gencs presents his painting. November 19, 2014
The highest public officials at the 96th anniversary of proclamation of the Republic of Latvia near the Monument of Freedom. November 18, 2014

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22 April 2015


On 24 April, at 10.00 o’clock, the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court is convened, where judges must nominate candidate to the office of the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who must be appointed by the Saeima (Parliament) afterwards.


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Case-law news

Added: 21.04.2015

26.03.2015. Judgement of the Department of Administrative Cases, case No. SKA-16/2015

Action of a payer of value added tax, if before receipt of service payments were made and pre-tax was deducted for the service, which, however, was not provided later

Added: 21.04.2015

30.03.2015. Judgement of the Department of Administrative Cases, case No. SKA-26/2015

Application of Clause 33, Paragraph One Section 9 of the law “On Personal Income Tax”; determination of value of gifted property if it is not indicated in a gift contract

Added: 21.04.2015

31.03.2015. Judgement of the Department of Administrative Cases, case No. SKA-75/2015

Repayment of tax debt if decision on recovery of delayed tax payment is not adopted

Added: 17.04.2015

13.03.2015. Decisions of the Department of Civil Cases, case No. SKC-2052/2015

Entering of insolvency mark for the property possessed by the owner of a farm

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