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Last hearing of the Chamber of Civil Cases. 30 December 2016
The Saeima confirms Janis Neimanis as a judge of the Constitutional Court. 22 December 2016
Exhibition on history of the Chambers of the Supreme Court. 15 December 2016
History of the Chamber of Civil Cases is summarized in a book. December 2016
Zane Petersone appointed as Judge of the Supreme Court. 1 December 2016
The Supreme court is visited by the president of the European Law Institute. 17 November 2016
The Supreme Court donates stand of historical photographs to Riga Regional Court. 10 November 2016
Students of the Young Lawyers University get acquainted with the work of the Supreme Court. 29 October 2016
Within the framework of international project four Supreme Courts share their experience. 19 October 2016
New judges and candidates learn to conduct court proceedings. August 24, 2016.

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Added: 16.03.2017

20.01.2017. Decision of the Department of Criminal Cases, case No SKK-J-44/2017

Person disabled from working; revocation of a judgment by which an agreement entered into during pre-trial proceedings has been approved

Added: 15.03.2017

06.01.2017. Decision of the Department of Criminal Cases, case No SKK-4/2017

Determination of causation between intentional serious bodily injury and the death of the victim qualifying an offence in accordance with Section 125 (3) of the Criminal Law; restriction of the court of appeals to adjudge different additional punishment from the one adjudged by the court of first instance

Added: 15.03.2017

06.02.2017. Decision of the Department of Criminal Cases, case No SKK-153/2017

Failure of the accused to arrive at a court session with justifiable reason

Added: 15.03.2017

23.01.2017. Decision of the Department of Criminal Cases, case No SKK-2/2017

Request for corroboration is recognised as document in accordance with Section 275 of the Criminal Law

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