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The professor Richard Whish visits the Supreme Court. May 30, 2014
Administrative judges exchange experience in the Supreme Administrative Court of Poland. May 20, 2014
Inta Kirse receives Cross of Recognition. May 4, 2014
Conference “courts in Legal Culture Space”. April 14, 2014
The professor Kalvis Torgans terminates work in the Supreme Court. March 31, 2014
Candidates to the office of a judge get familiarised with the Supreme Court. March 19, 2014
The Plenary Session of the Supreme Court advances candidacy of Aldis Lavins to the office of a judge of the Constitutional Court. February 21, 2014
The 10th anniversary of the Department of Administrative Cases. February 6, 2014
Media Day. January 24, 2014
Themis Award. December 19, 2013

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1 October 2014


On 30 September judges of courts of the first and the second instance from Hungary, Germany, Romania, Austria and Poland visited the Supreme Court within framework of the visit on exchange of experience, to get acquainted with work of the highest Latvian court instance and the Council for the Judiciary and to share their experience.


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Case-law news

Added: 26.09.2014

23.09.2014. Judgement of the Department of Civil Cases, case No SKC-2376/2014

Self-contracting in labour contracts and application of Section 1415 of the Civil Law

Added: 26.09.2014

29.05.2014. Decision of the Department of Civil Cases, case No SKC-2247/2014

Suspension of proceedings, if the case to be reviewed under administrative procedure is not resolved yet

Added: 26.09.2014

04.06.2014. Decision of the Department of Civil Cases, case No SPC-14/2014

Certificate issued by the sworn notary as evidence of delivery of pre-trial notice to a debtor

Added: 25.09.2014

29.10.2013. Decision of the Department of Civil Cases, case No SPC-46/2013

Legal status of a public capital company

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