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Themis Award, December 19, 2014
History of the Chamber of Criminal Cases is wrapped up in the book, December 18, 2014
Zigmants Gencs presents his painting. November 19, 2014
The highest public officials at the 96th anniversary of proclamation of the Republic of Latvia near the Monument of Freedom. November 18, 2014
Length-of-Service badges of the Supreme Court. November 14, 2014
Opening of the comments on the Constitution. November 10, 2014
Anda Vitola receives Mark of Distinction of System of Justice. November 7, 2014
Aija Branta receives Mark of Distinction of System of Justice. November 7, 2014
Application of “Saskana” in case on elections of the Saeima is rejected. October 30, 2014
Final of the first Moot Court in administrative law is held in the Supreme Court, October 25, 2014

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12 March 2015


Compilation of case-law in cases on application of Sections 317, 318 and 319 of the Criminal Law is discussed and approved for publishing at the general meeting of judges of the Department of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court. Compilation is prepared by Valentija Liholaja, the professor of law at the Department of Criminal Law of the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia, in cooperation with the Division of Case-law of the Supreme Court.


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Added: 23.03.2015

20.01.2015. Judgement of the Department of Civil Cases, case No SKC-1793/2015

Issues to be assessed in a court regarding notice of an employee due to important reasons; scope of Section 100 (5) and Section 58 (3) of the Labour Law (further in text- LL); obligation to prove validity of a notice

Added: 18.03.2015

07.01.2015. Judgement of the department of Civil Cases, case No SKC-1478/2015

Concept “when a child is able to support him or herself” in meaning of Section 179 of the Civil Law

Added: 18.03.2015

25.02.2015. Judgement of the Department of Civil Cases, case No SKC-1/2015

Recovery of insurance indemnity due to moral injury caused in traffic accident

Added: 18.03.2015

12.02.2015. Decision of the Department of Criminal Cases, case No SKK-18/2015

Persons, who may be recognised as victims in meaning of Chapter Three of the Criminal Procedure Law

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