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New Themis Awards of the Supreme Court are presented. December 18, 2015
Exhibition about 10 years of Themis Award of the Supreme Court is created. December 18, 2015
The judge Skultane presents her robe of a judge of the Constitutional Court to the museum. November 26, 2015
Marks of Distinction of the System of Justice are presented on State Holiday. November 20, 2015
State Holiday is celebrated with festive ceremony. November 17, 2015
The President of the State Raimonds Vejonis participates at Latvian Judges’ Conference. November 11, 2015
Delegation of the Supreme Court visits the European Court of Human Rights. November 3, 2015
Great-grandson of Vladimirs Bukovskis visits the museum of the Supreme Court. October 20, 2015
Days of First-year students in the Supreme Court. October 19, 2015
The book about G.Zemribo, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia, is published. October 6, 2015

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15 April 2016


On Thursday, 14 April, the Department of Civil Cass of the Supreme Court welcomed guests from the District court of Frederiksberg, Denmark. Last year, when participating in Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration, representatives of the Department of Civil Cases went on a trip to exchange experience in Denmark, and visited several courts, including the District court of Frederiksberg, which is the court of the first instance. Now the delegation of this court under guidance of Torben Goldin, the President of the court, was looking for exchange of experience in Latvia and Estonia. The delegation consisted of judges, assistants to judges and Heads of different departments of the court.


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Case-law news

Added: 15.04.2016

22.01.2016. Decision of the Department of Civil Cases, case No SKC-1119/2016

Procedure for cancellation of mortgage, if a creditor’s claim is not declared in the term stipulated in the invitation (Section 705 of the Civil Law)

Added: 15.04.2016

15.01.2016. Judgement of the Department of Civil Cases, case No SKC-10/2016

Meaning of possession of certificates used in privatization of the flat in determination of share of spouses’ property right to an apartment; Procedure for determination of value of inheritance to be shared and enclosure

Added: 15.04.2016

29.01.2016. Decision of the Department of Civil Cases, case No SKC-1331/2016

Explanation of a judgement of a court in issue related to recovery of lawful interest (Sections 192, 437 of the Civil Procedure Law); Recovery of lawful interest until enforcement of a judgement of a court (Section 195 of the Civil Procedure Law)

Added: 15.04.2016

10.03.2016. Decision of the Department of Civil Cases, case No SKC-1285/2016

Jurisdiction of disputes on lawfulness of privatization

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