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The Division of Case-law and Research selects and systematises rulings of the cassation instance – departments of the Supreme Court (before 2014 – the Senate) to ensure theoretical and practical application of case-law, and compiles court rulings, which raise legal interest.

There have been published rulings of the departments of the Supreme Court, which contain conclusions, which establish case-law for the purpose of particular legal issues. The Division of Case-law and Research, in cooperation with departments, selects and processes rulings, developing conclusions, which are important for development of law.

If case-law of the cassation instance is altered or modified by the particular ruling, it has been indicated additionally; also it has been indicated, if separate opinion of a judge of a department is annexed to a ruling, and it is published by the ruling. Chapters of the Department of Civil Cases and the Department of Administrative Cases also comprise decisions adopted in single assignment sittings of the department, as well as applications by the department to the Constitutional Court and decisions regarding references for preliminary rulings filed to the Court of Justice of the European Union.


All rulings are published under the title of correspondent department of the Supreme Court in chronological order, by years.