Judges’ lessons

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In addition to guided tours carried out in the Supreme Court, grammar school classes are offered Judges’ lessons – lecture on fundamentals of law read by the judge of a department of the Supreme Court.

During the lecture, the judge acquaints pupils with:  

  • Latvian legal system and court system;
  • Place and role of the Supreme court within this system;
  • Branches of law – civil law, criminal law, administrative law – and differences, when hearing these cases in court;
  • Professions belonging to court system;
  • Office of a judge and judge’s work; 
  • Pupils’ rights and responsibilities;
  • Other issues pupils are interested in.

Pupils are offered an opportunity to receive answers to whole spectrum of questions related to work of a judge. Judges’ lessons take place in real court room and a judge conducts them in judicial robe – it is the most demonstrative way to get acquainted with trial.  

Judges’ lessons are organised in the Supreme Court not only for pupils, but also for teachers of social science.

Judges’ lessons should be registered and time and programme should be coordinated in the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court, telephone +371 67020396, +371 28652211, e-mail: baiba.kataja@at.gov.lv.


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