Shadow Day. Career Week

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Shadow Day

The Supreme Court supports Shadow Day – event of career education organised for pupils. In Latvia, Shadow Day is organised by organisation Junior Achievement - Latvia.

Allowing having a look into daily work of judges and employees of the Supreme Court, the court helps to broaden pupils’ horizon and understanding about knowledge and skills necessary for their future profession.  

Those grammar school pupils, whose arguments contain real interest to become a lawyer or a judge in future, receive an invitation to become “shadows” for judges, assistants to judges or other employees of the Supreme Court.  

You may find vacancies offered by the Supreme Court for Shadow Day on


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Pupils see work of judges and employees of the Supreme Court (10.02.2016)

Pupils get familiarized with work of judges and employees of the Supreme Court (11.02.2015)

17 shadows participated in work of the Supreme Court judges and employees on Shadow Day (13.02.2014)

In the Shadow Day pupils get acquainted with work of a judge of the Supreme Court (13.02.2013)

“Shadows” of the Supreme Court participate in court hearing (16.02.2012)

Pupils get to know about job of judges and assistants to judges of the Supreme Court during Shadow Day (17.02.2011)

Seven “shadows” from Riga, Dobele and Madona get acquainted with work of the Supreme Court (17.02.2010)


Career Week

The Supreme Court also supports schools during the Career Week. Students interested in profession of lawyer and a position of judge can visit the Supreme Court and meet judges and court employees, as well as attend lesson on fundamentals of law, have a guided tour in the Palace of Justice and the Court Museum.

Additional information on activities during the Career Week see here:

Pupils get familiarized with judge's work during Week of Career (07.10.2015)

Judges tell pupils about their work during the Week of Career (20.10.2014)